possible recurrence

bobbyk2 Member Posts: 1

I am looking for suggestions, I will try to keep it short.  In October 2013 I had the full blown lobectomy to the lower left lung 3.5cm andenocorcinoma with 12 nodules stage 1b, no chemo or radiation was recommended.  CT scan were clear until October 2015 (2 years post surgery) when they found 5 or 6 nodules the largest being 7mm on the upper right lung , I was rescaned 6 weeks later and the largest nodule was at 8mm, they then did another scan 3 months later and the nodules where still 8mm.  then I did a six month scan and the largest grew to 9mm and the doctor said he seen something on my stomach he had not seen before.  I am now scheduled for a CT  guided biospy on the lung nodules and a endoscopy for the stomach.  Is this the right course of action, I thought a tumor needed to me at least 1cm to biopsy, and the growth seems really slow.

Thanks, Bobby