We are BACK!


Hi everyone,

We are home from our extended trip to Costa Rica and Panama. We had an amazing adventure. For a month I was able to leave all things cancer behind and live. I did really well physically. 5 months after my last major surgery I was able to hike, explore, swim and even ride ATV's. In Costa Rica we stood at the edge of active volcano's, fed monkeys, soaked in hot springs, explored secret beaches and rain forests. Costa Rica really has become the country of my heart. I love it. This 2nd trip was everything I remembered and just as wonderful as our 1st trip a year ago. In Panama we experienced the Panama Canal, wandered through the oldest parts of the Panama City, we stood at the highest point of the city and wandered through the Spanish fort pirate Henry Morgan captured, had more time wth monkeys and swam in the pool on the roof of the 27th floor hotel building. 

I feel so fortunate to have had this chance once again. October 10th will be my 5 year anniversary of being diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. There have been 2 recurrences in that time as well, but I am still alive. I am still standing. I have battled for 5 years and there have been some really low points but I have also been blessed with the gift of life and some amazing adventures. Obviously there are more tests, waiting and fear ahead. But today, I am still riding high on my adventure. My next tests will be the 1st week in January. I will think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day. Here are a few pictures.imageimage




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    Hi! Welcome back! I can't see

    Hi! Welcome back! I can't see the picturea on my phone but will look at them later on my computer. So happy for you. Sounds absolutely wonderful!!!  We went to St. Thomas this year. Our first big trip ever. The beauty is this world is shockingly amazing. 

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    So happy to hear from you

    It is good to hear such happy news from you, Alice. I am heartbroken that we can't see the pictures, but the foum has been having trouble ever since CSN did an 'upgrade'. Not even the smilies work now. Hopefully, when (and if) they get it fixed, we will be able to enjoy your lovely trip though your pictures.

    I know that you can get really down and depressed, so I hope that this trip and the last has shown you that you are able to put Cancer on the back burner and enjoy life. Take yourself back to Costa Rica, in your head, when you start feeling down. The power of the imagination is HUGE and will help you through the rough times. 

    Welcome home!


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    Try Wiping The Smile Off My Fsce

    after seeing this post. Won't happen. And this is even without seeing the photos on my phone :). Glad it was tremendous. 

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    Good for you! It makes me so

    Good for you! It makes me so happy to hear of other people with cancer still living their lives and enjoying it! I hope to go on another trip someday but between money issues and fear of not being near a hospital I don't know if it'll ever happen.


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    I love

    Costa Rica. Since my diagnosis I've been to China, France, Italy, Mexico, Alaska and Burning Man twice! I love travel and cancer was a real wake up call for me. The world is a beautiful place and seeing it is good for one's soul and informs one's politics. Just not so good for the pocket book!