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my husband has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Meanwhile I have just gone into remission for endometrial cancer. We are quite a pair! Anyway a little background about him. He is 64 and has never had a high psa including now. His cancer was diagnosed by his urologist during a rectal exam with later having a biopsy. It is an agressive type:( he has had a bone scan and no problem seen there thank God. He will have an MRI in a week and then we will meet with a team of docs to discuss treatment. His urologist is thinking hormone treatment and internal radiation probably, but that will depend on the group decision. So have any of you had these treatments and how did they go? I might also add that my husband has Parkinson's but is very active and is still working.


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    Get second opinions on the data and proposed therapy

    Welcome to PCa board. You will find several threads of treatment experiences of survivors here. We can provide comments and advice on the several matters in regards to the diagnosis and options of treatment. You need to provide us with more details on the info already collected. For instance the PSA histology and Gleason score as well the details writen in the biopsy report. Please note that traditional scans (CT, MRI) are typical for false negatives. The success of the radiation therapy will depend a lot on the image study. The radiologist needs targets otherwise he will proceed with the treatment according to past experiences from other cases, sort of guessing style.

    Best wishes and luck in your husbands journey