13 month post treatment CT, two small pulmonary nodules


I'm 53 non smoker. March, 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage IV HPV 16+ squamous cell tumor on left tonsil and one lymph node under left jawbone. I had TORS to remove tumor, tonsil and clear margins, then a neck dissection to remove 40 lymph nodes that were all cancer free.  I then had 28 tomotherapy radition treatments. First neck CT was 6 weeks after radiation and was NED.  physical exams after that every three months, all good.   Now, 13 months post treatment, neck CT is NED but here is the result of my chest CT:

Lungs/Pleura: There are 2 new pulmonary nodules. Within the left lower lobe there is a 3.6 mm nodule best seen on image 6-164. Within the right upper lobe there is a nodular density measuring 4.7 mm in greatest dimension. Key images have been made. No masses or parenchymal consolidation.

Lymphatic nodal stations: No adenopathy.

Heart, great vessels The heart is normal in size. No pericardial effusion. No pathologic mediastinal or hilar adenopathy.

My Doctor says not to be concerenced as theese are very small.  I'll have a followup CT on Dec. 7.

I would appreciate insight or sharing similiar experience.

I am concerned.





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    When my husband was first

    When my husband was first diagnosed with tongue cancer last October (stage 1 tongue cancer), his first CT showed two very tiny lung nodules, one was 1. Something mm and the other was 2. Something mm. He has had 4 or 5 CTs since then (I honestly don't remember), and been finished his chemo and rads for 8 months now and the nodules haven't changed. All of his docs said to not even worry about them. They said they were typical of someone living somewhere as polluted as Houston, where we live. And they also said they were so small. They aren't in the least bit concerned. All 3 of his CTs since finishing treatment, the docs have declared NED.

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    I have several of them also, all of no concern.  However, H&N cancer patients need to be diligent, and have thier lungs checked yearly.

    I had mine CT scans/Xrays last week - nodules still there - no changes in size.

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