Lymph nodes in my neck are painfull

went to my ent on Monday to get the results of my pet scan . Results where negative for the primary , only showed the secondary in the lymph nodes I'm the left side of my neck. So  exploratory operation to have a closer look at the base of my tongue and other areas was put on the waiting list.
Tuesday a got a call that I was to come in Thursday for après op assessment. I couldn't believe how quick this was organized 
it's Wednesday morning here in Oz . And for the first time since my lymph nodes was diagnosed. My lymph nodes where the secondary cancer is are very sore to touch and when I move my neck. Should I wait till I see pre op clinic tomorrow or go see my local Dr today ????


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    Sore Lymph Nodes

    Hi Warren,

    Welcome to the CSN forum.  Sorry that no one answered your question but your guess is as good as ours. Considering that lymph nodes are not the prime site of your problem it should be okay to wait until the OP appointment.  By now you've already done that so what's the verdict?  Care to give us an update on how you're doing?

    Take Care and I hope your treatment goes well,