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I lost my grandpa back in 2009 from prostate and lung cancer. It was awful. He completely changed, he refused treatment and just went downhill from there. We placed him in a nursing home (so he could get therapy from the stroke he had.) and he ended up with a very serious lung infection. We brought him home and 3 days later he died, gasping for air in the ER. Just awful.

I also lost my grandmother from lung cancer. She also refused treatment. She also stopped all her medication. And one day she fell asleep and never woke up.

The other day I was posting on a "friends" post because she was complaining about how her hypothyroidism was the worst thing ever. And I replied "You know you sound be grateful it's not cancer, because that's the worst thing world" and she replied that Hypothyroidism was the worse and basically told me that my family members suffering was nothing compaired to hers. It really upset me. THe more I tried to convice her otherwise, the more she tried to prove she was right. I'm just in shock how someone can be so self centered. :'( All of this was posted on her facebook


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    Hi Jadednightdragon

    Hmm, that is really strange about the Hypothyroidism post.  Hypothyroidism is a very common disease (especially for women in their 50s) and can be treated with thyroid medication (I know, I have it).  Seven years ago I had a very rare and aggressive uterine cancer (Small cell undifferentiated) and underwent both chemo and radiation simultaneously, then surgery and follow-up chemo.  I'm real glad to be here!  In my mind, there is no comparison between my two experiences.  After my cancer treatment I still felt very tired/sluggish and that is when they detected the hypothyroidism.  Once I was diagnosed, I was given my medication that I will take the rest of my life to keep things in balance.  It's no big deal, they check your blood every so often to make sure things are balanced, and they can change dosage if an imbalance is detected.  I wonder if the person who posted about how hard hypothyroidism is has other stuff going on.  Cancer was definitely harder for me.  But there are other things that I find even harder than cancer, such as losing one's parents, family member, friend, etc. 

    Try to remember the good times with your grandparents, before the health issues, if you can.  That is what I do about my Mom and Dad.

    My very best to you kind spirit jadednightdragon,


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    Can make drastic and painful changes in the lives and bodies of some people.

    Being compassionate with others is difficult when suffering is difficult for some people.  Hypothyroidism can also have an emotional impact for some folks.

    I would never want anyone who did not have to be able to comprehend how wrenching watching a cancer death can be.  I have never counted  how many people I've lost to cancer but it includes my father and at least five beloved aunts and uncles.  I lost my best friend to leukemia at age 6. I am 58 now and post-treatment, my husband of 39 years has had two DNR bracelets.

    Be kind to each other. Life isn't about who suffers more but about loving others - my personal peace comes from Christ - reach out to your friend with compassion until she can be strong enough to reach out to you.