Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

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This is hghly controversial, and I am NOT advocating it.  I am reporting it for your own decision and sharing my limited experience.  I have a Christian friend and his wife who are helping take care of indigent Philippinos who are housed in a charity hospice and who have been told there is no chance of further help for their terminal cancer.  My friend is treating these people with food grade hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  I have seen pictures on his I pad, and the improvement is obvious, dramatic, and quick.  I have been taking three drops in the morning on an empty stomach.  In that time, my strength in the gym has increased by 40%.  I do intense work out four days out of five with lots of reps and only 20 seconds rest, so I can definitely recognize a change.  

       I went to order on Amazon because food grade hydrogen peroxide is not available here.                                Now on this url from Amazon there is a full discusion about this matter by a doctor, and it is in depth.  My suggestion is that this is a worthwhile article for anyone interested in health.  I have spent lots of time researching on the net and on Youtube, and so far have not found anything negative, but, that does not mean that there are not contrary opinions.  In the end, it is up to you.                                          Love, Swami Rakendra




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    Alkaline environment and cancer principle

    We have discussed here before about the baking soda to treat cancer. I do not recommend such type of treatment as an alternative to the more conventional therapies. However, if your friend's treatments has shown any improvements in the hospice patients than one could just intake and digest the whole "whitening tooth paste" instead of brushing as it is made of the same stuff.

    I hope you are carefull with your "experiences"

    Here is one of our links;

    Here is the whole of the story;

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