A Little Gallows Humor

In the spirit of our departed friend, Alexandra....oh, how I miss her humor and wisdom!...a little competition.

Can anyone top a CA125 of 18,300 ?


  • LorettaMarshall
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    My daily diet always includes a dose of good humor! Thanks!

    Hey, is this a contest?  What do I get if I beat it? 


  • wholfmeister
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    Maybe you really don't want to be the winner



  • NoTimeForCancer
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    wholfmeister, is your CA

    wholfmeister, is your CA really 18,300??  girl?!!!!

  • Tethys41
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    Oh, so close

    Mine was 14,000 at diagnosis.  I know a woman whose was 17,000 even after debulking.  We are both long term survivors, so maybe higher is better?  I hope if you are the one in the lead that things go well...

  • kikz
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    My highest was 9000+ before I

    My highest was 9000+ before I began chemo in April of 2010.