Help with mucous patch

My husband is really struggling with the mucous.  Making him throw up, nauseous, spitting up blood.  He is considering the patch to dry him up.  Any advice on the patch?



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    Hi Angel5


    I am sorry to hear this so early in his treatment, but you must do whatever you can to get him passed this stage of treatment. I did not use the patch on any of my treatments but there are a lot of others who did.




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    The choking, gagging mucus stage is absolutely awful!  What helped me was generic Mucinex (guaifenisen) at bedtime, plenty of water through the day, and a humidifier at night. My doctor gave me anti-nausea medicine and suggested spitting out the mucus. Some people drink carbonated beverages,  but they were too much for my sore throat to handle. It does get better a few weeks after treatment. I hope you find something that works soon.