Unexpected call from chaplain at MDA

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My sister got an unexpected phone call/voicemail  from a chaplain at MDA last night which was followed up by an email asking her to call back and participate in a spiritual intake. She has late stage cancer but has weathered through this battle and is going through a new chemo regime. Her first thought was OMG, I'm dying. Her initial shock turned into anger. This was an invasion of privacy. I would think that the HIPPA act would prevent her contact information being shared without her permission. I'm not saying that spiritual counseling doesn't have its value, but it is a personal choice. She goes to MDA a great personal expense because of the medical care that she gets. They clearly overstepped their bounds here.


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    Just breathe!

    Calm down.  MDA is a very reputable organization with legal advisors for every initiative or procedure.  MDA would not risk violating HIPAA. I would bet money your sister signed a vague consent allowing the sharing of basic information within MDA.  If your sister is not interested in pursuing this spiritual intake, just respond, no, thanks.  Don't be all rattled thinking your medical records have been shared.  Not worth it.

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    Imede, it must be difficult

    Imede, it must be difficult to see a sister go through this battle.  I can't imagine what my sisters thought and how horrible it had to be for them.  I would agree with wholfmeister that somewhere your sister might have signed something and all she has to do is let them know if she doesn't want to participate.  

    Please know none of us could fight without the love and support of our loved ones.  

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    Imede, I understand your

    Imede, I understand your outrage and would also consider this very intrusive if it happened to me. Regardless of whether it's a HIPAA issue, it's not appropriate for providers to assume patients welcome religious overtures at this time--especially when handled so clumsily. I think it would be worthwhile to let MDA administration know what happened and why your sister objected. They may not even know the chaplain does this.