CT Scan of lungs

As the long timers here know, I was diagnosed with larynx cancer in 2009, doctors consider that cured now, I was then diagnosed with a very small lung nodule that was removed and turned out to be cancerous, that was in Summer 2012, yesterday had CT scan and all is still clear, it's great to get scanned at 8am and meet with team at 10am for result. Denis



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    That is awesome news!  I love

    That is awesome news!  I love these posts.  Cheers.

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    All Clear


    Glad to hear you are doing well my friend.




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    “All Clear “ sounds like sunny days ahead.

    That is nice, real nice.


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    Excellent news. You have been on the battlefield a long time. Nice to get a break. Hope you'll be able to put this into the rear view mirror. 

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    Denis that is oh so good to hear.

    I am very glad to hear that you got the All Clear.