Helps to know we're not the only ones feeling this way

I just want to tell everyone who posts on this forum - THANK YOU. Like you, I am struggling to stay strong while my husband and partner of over 35 years suffers with metastatic disease. What his cancer is called is not important anymore - its not operable and its all over the place and unless a miracle cure is discovered the best we can hope for is a new clinical trial. We will be going to Sloan Kettering in a few days to find out whats available. The point is, I will not have my husband by my side for the rest of my life. He is currently in "shut down" mode. He doesn't want to talk about it and is acting like nothing has changed. And when I tell him that I am upset or worried or stressed he says "why are you stressed out? You'll be here - I won't." But after reading the posts here I know that this is not an uncommon behavior. My heart goes out to all of you because you KNOW what this is like. I don't want to waste whatever time we have left being angry or sad - I will save that for later or for when I am by myself. The other thing I am doing is coming back to this forum. You all give me strength.