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I just found out that my ovarian cancer actually originated in the fallopian tube cancer, and is a BRAC cancer.  I'm floored.  Does this change anything regarding my treatment?  I have read only like 300-400 people are diagnosed a year with fallopian tube cancer.  Anyone else?


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    Fallopian adenocarcinoma with BRACA


    I recently found out mine also not ovarian but fallopian tube adenocarcinoma with BRCA today. Any information on treatment and surgery pls.

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    I was diagnosed with Fallopian tube cancer, stage 3-4 almost 2.5 years ago. It had metastasized. I was on chemo for 4 months, then had a complete hysterectomy followed by 4 more months of chemo . Brac testing was inconclusive but my doctor started me on Avastin which kept my CA 125 numbers at good levels, 12-25. In Sept 2020I suffered a gran mal seizure thought to have possibly been triggered by the Avastin but definitely not proven. I was then put on Zebulon which did not seem effective as CA numbers began to rise so various chemos were tried. Pet scan showed various active nodules around my body. Tried Doxil but activity in nodules increased. Also suffered drastic drop in platelets resulting in platelets infusions to replenish and encourage growth. Currently on weekly doses of Taxol. Most recent chemos seem to knock platelets down so have to postpone treatment until they are high enough to withstand a chemo treatment. A long journey with highs and lows but I have been fortunate in that I have not had real pain. Neuropathy in my hands and feet but that has not been debilitating. Lots of other medical details but this is the gist of this. I am researching clinical trials at present.

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    I normally post on the Uterine board, so I didn’t see this message until today. Since the surgery and chemo treatments can be similar across different types of gynecologic cancer, I invite you to repost your story on the Uterine board, as this one can be very quiet.

    There is one member on the Uterine Board whose cancer also started in the Fallopian tubes and has been an active member on that board.

    Here’s the link to her original post there:


    But I encourage you to copy your message to a new post on that board since new topics tend to get more responses than replies to older threads.