Angry Wife

We found out my husband has metastic melanom about 3 weeks ago. He had surgery to remove a tumor in his brain about 2 weeks ago. Since then he has been very angery and rude.  All that anger is focused at me. He rolls his eyes when I go into his hospital room. Today he told me to "just go home". After 2 weeks of this I decided I'm not going back up to his hospital room for a few days. I know he just doesn't want me to hurt by bein at the hospital everyday with him. But belong alone at the house all day without his is just as bad. I lost my first husband 7 years ago. I already feel like I am grieving my second husband.



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    Brain cancer

    Can cause personality changes.  So can the surgery to remove it.  Did your husband's doctors not discuss this with you? Call and talk with the oncology nurse.

    If you haven't posted on the brain cancer discussion board , please do. I'm sure there is a world of information available there.