Skin issues long after treatment


hello everyone.  It has been over 18 months since surgery (base of tongue and both sides of neck), radiation and chemo.  I have an interesting issue with my skin still so long out.  The skin above the surgery cuts seems ok but below the cut is sensitive, gets rashes etc.  I have limited feel above the cut but full feeling below.  Is anyone else struggling with skin issues so far out of treatment?  

also have some pain issues lingering in throat that radiate to ear but scans have been good.  I will deal with pain so long as we keep clean.  Anyone else suffering from regular pain, not sure if it is nerve damage, muscle tissue or maybe a growing sore in the throat.  Will be at ENT soon hopefully to get checked with scope.

thanks for all the advice.


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    Hi Survivor


    Sorry to say but the radiation will damage everything in its path; I had radiation twice to the same area about 10 years ago. About one year ago I started having problems with Norcross of the soft palate, it did not stop until all the damages area was gone