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My husband has 9 more rads and 1 chemo left!  I have been able to work other than days off for appts with Doctors and the chemo infusion days. We have a supportive family and a daughter that is a nurse, so I feel that he has been well taken care of.  However, based on the wonderful advice on this forum I am trying to plan ahead.  Knowing that everyone is different when do you think I should plan time off?  The last week of treatment or the following two weeks after treatment.  Any advice (knowing that everyone is different) would be appreciated!  My work is flexible.......but would like to give them a heads up!


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    Just a suggestion


    Yes, plan ahead with your work to let them know that there may be some days you might have to report off if needed. Not to say it will happen, as you mentioned, we all recover differently. My wife did not have to take off of work while I was in the recovery stage, even though the after effects were worse than the treatment stage. Those several weeks after our final treatment can be rough, but staying Hydrated, resting when our body tells us to sleep and taking any pain med's to stay ahead of the discomfort will all help.

    My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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    Toss Up

    Today was my husband's last radiation. He has been pretty wiped out since Friday. Pain has been a problem and he's sleeping a lot. Was prescribed pain patches today so will see how they work. Maybe a day or two last week and at least 1st week afterwards with a few extra days if needed at end?