Fear of more chemo


I have an upcoming appointment for bloodwork to see what my tumor marker count is at. Depending on the count, I will find out further ttreatmen plan. I have already gone through a session of chemo, and it was terrible. Lots of throwing up, nausea, pain from the surgery, no energy, etc. I'm finally feeling better, but to be honest I am terrified of the upcoming appointment. It doesn't help that I am stationed over seas away from my family. Does anyone have any advice?


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    Chemo fears


    By this time you  possibly have the results of your tumor marker. Hoping for the best!  In the mean time you will likely have future checks to wonder about.

    Since you're away from family is there a Chaplain you can talk with?  Not knowing what your faith is, I hope that suggestion is not offensive.  Even though your type of cancer has a high success cure rate, your fears are real. Being stationed overseas, I would not recommend talking to someone that doesn't have an expectation of privacy ( thus the Chaplain suggestion).  In my case I also talked to people that share my choice of faith. Talking with people was helpful. Although they may  not have been through cancer, most people have been through some type of "valley" in their life. They may not have specific advice, but just sharing with each other may be of some benefit.  Again, hoping for the best. DisplayedYopper