Burning Tongue and Mouth


Good morning,  I apologize for all the questions this week but things are not good with my poor husband. Can anyone tell me the best relief for burning tongue and mouth?  He has 6 rad treatments left so trying to help him make it.



  • Bart T
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    No good answer from me

    Wish I had a good answer, but this is the best I could come up with. I got some relief from swishing with a formula they called “magic mouthwash”. It was a formulated mixture that was made at the pharmacy and as I recall it was a combination of a numbing agent such as Lidocaine and an antacid. It was a prescription. I also used (and still occasionally use) “Lidocaine hydrochloride oral topical solution” That too is a prescription, and I rub it into the area.

    Your doctors should be familiar with both, but despite the word “magic” in magic mouthwash, I found it was far from magic for me. As near as I can tell, sores and burning in the mouth just seem to come with the territory, and although those provided some relief, I always found the relief to be short lived and far from complete. 

    Good luck in your fight. Oral cavity radiation is a tough road, but as many of us can attest to, it is doable. By the way, never apologize for your questions. If you have a question, or just need to vent, this is the place. We're all here for you. 

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    As Bart said....burning tongue and mouth

    pretty much come with the territory....tho there are things a person can do to help sooth it.  I used L-Glutamine powder mixed with water...hold it in the mouth, and roll it around.  Also, have them look at his mouth....thrush is a big problem during treatment, and having thrush on top of radiation is hell.  White patches or a white coating usually mean thrush has reared it's ugly head.


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    it was magic for me


    I had great luck with the magic mouth wash my compounding pharmacy whipped-up for me.  It relieved throat, tongue and mouth discomfort and I went through 6 bottles.  I also had Lidocaine for spot   treatments in my mouth.

    Thrush is a different story.


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    This worked for me


  • georgiasurfer
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    L- Glutamine

    Thanks. He has been using Glutamine 3 x day since a few days before starting radiation. I read about it on this forum.  Just one of many tricks we've learned here.