6 Brain Surgeries

Yegia_d Member Posts: 1

I have been diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma about six years ago. Even though the tumor is benign it has been extremely aggressive. In six years I have had six brain surgeries plus one month of radiation about two years ago. This past July was my last surgery and it was the worst one. My eye was completely shut for a month. And when it opened up I was cross eyed and still am. The doctors say they have never seen a case like mine where the tumor keeps growing even after radiation. My next step is chemotherapy if I chose to do it. Mind you I am only 25 years old and my entire life is on pause until this thing is taken care of. They thought maybe it was the growth hormone causing the tumor to grow but once the hormone was leveled it still grew. My question is if anyone out there knows if a case where a benign pituitary tumor keeps growning regardless of surgery, radiation or hormone therapy. I would appreciate any feedback that may relate to my case. Thank you