My final post

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This will be my final post unless/until Vasco gets reinstated.  I stand with VascoDaGama.  Love, Swami Rakendra


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    Hello Rakendra,

    I'm not sure what is going on, but VascoDaGama is not banned and just posted 9 hours ago.


    Best regards,


    CSN Support Team

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    Are you sure?? I don't think

    Are you sure?? I don't think so----

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    Over Reaction?


    Vasco is not banned.  The following was posted in the "Mea Culpa" thread today 9/6/2016 @ 837pm (not sure what time zone) by Simone in CSN Support.  If he hasn't posted since then, it is for other reasons.


    Hi Vasco,

    Just to reiterate what CSN_Jeff posted on Rakendra's post, you have not been banned. I did check on your account and found two posts that were not published, but it was not anything that was done purposefully. The site has been going through some software updates and I believe these posts may have just been caught in a glitch. Please let us know immediately on the Contact form ( ) if this ever happens again so that we can investigate further. I have published those posts and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Again, please let us know if this happens again.




    CSN Support Team

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    My two cents: Vasco is still onboard, according to his recent posts. If not the case, I expect that 70% of the regulars would quit here, immediately.

    While I have been a regular at Lymphoma for years, me and many others in general have found the editing of these Boards to be ultra-PC and harsh over the years, with a few of the former regulars at Lymphoma having been thrown out over trifles. 

    Until I see otherwise, I am here. If Vasco goes, it will be like the Marvin Gaye pop/R&B hit form the 70s, which has as its refrain:

    I wouldn't be doggone/ I'd be long-gone,I'd be long-gone