Happy Labor Day


Happy Labor Day Everyone!

Lets make it a cancer free no worry day with our families, friends, and loved ones.



  • MAbound
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    Good Idea!

    Easier said than done since we're reading and writing here, but I won't spend the whole day on it! :-)

  • Lou Ann M
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    I agree.  Even if it is hard

    I agree.  Even if it is hard to do, I will try.  Good to hear from you.

  • TeddyandBears_Mom
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    Hey Red! How is everything

    Hey Red! How is everything going? Is your wife doing well?

    Nice to hear from you.

    Love and Hugs,



  • janaes
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    Not too easy for me either. 

    Not too easy for me either.  I am home tell two by myself.  Its nice to hear from you though.  I think about you and your wife once in a while.  I hope things are going okay. 

  • Red Corvette
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    All Good Here

    Thank you Cindi, Lou Ann, and Janaes.

    Mrs Red is doing great. Hair is coming back and she's feeling pretty good overall. We're coming up on our first 3 month post treatment checkup in a few weeks so keeping fingers and toes crossed NED is still hanging with us.