Ovarian Cancer and my Wife's Brain Mets

New here....  My wife, who is 59, was diagnosed September of 2014 with Stage IIIc ovarian cancer (BRCA 2 positive).  Treated with the standard frontline chemo and was NED  after the debulking surgery from 1/2015 through 7/2016.  She started having balance issues and trouble writing July 2016.  Her oncologists thought maybe a small stroke but did a CT scan of her brain.   Many, many small mets to her brain and 4-5 ones that were quite visible on the scan, mostly in the left side.

Whole brain therapy (WBRT) was given immediately, now she is quite fatigued, of course bloated from the steroids, loss of hair, very sleepy but isn't sleeping well (although better since she started a small dose of benadryl to help with that).   She is extremely weak but upbeat so far.  Weaning off the steroids is the current issue.  Some very small minor seizures while tapering gave her a bit of a backslide there.  Still on 12 mgs of DEX a day.  Her last CA-125 was 17. No higher than 26 when the mets were discovered.

We believe she will have a followup scan in the next few weeks so our fingers are crossed that the tumors have either disappeared or limited to 2 or 3 that can be gamma knifed or better!  She is NED throughout the rest of her body so that is the good news.  Hopefully, someone is out there with a similar situation.  I know this is not a normal recurrence from the lack of info on the web. 


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    4khansen, I can't offer you

    4khansen, I can't offer you any advice but I wish your wife the best with her treatment.  Please let us know how it goes.

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    Brain Mets


    I am sorry about your wife's situation.  I hope her upcoming tests bring good news.  There are not a lot of members who are active on this board right now.  I do recall a few years ago there was a member who went through something similar and she did well after her treatment.  I'm sorry, I don't recall her name.  But you might want to do a search for brain mets and see if it pulls up some helpful posts.  Good luck.