Decipher Test Results


Received my test results back last week - Post Operative

Genomic High Risk

Decipher Score .85

5 year metastasis probability 35.4%

10 year cancer specific mortality 19%

Received this after my MO appointment, so never got the chance to discuss with him.





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    Missing information from the Decipher test


    This Decipher test adds more info into your diagnosis. The data you indicate above is already relevant in the image exams that found the metastases you discussed before in here ( The risk level 0.85 (in a scale of 0.00 to 1.00) recommends adjuvant RT with an added combination treatment not specified (I believe it to be HT). In any case I think you should get the details regarding the findings on the AR (androgen receptors/signalling). These results apart from indicating the level of hormonal dependency of the cancerous cells, it also provides clues to the type of HT blockade (mono, double or triple) that would work better. Please read this;

    I admire the way your'e taking to conduct your PCa case. We all should follow your example.

    Best wishes and luck.


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    Hi Vasco-

    Hi Vasco-

    The information on the AR not on the report. I believe that info may be not be available because it hasn't been validated.