UPDATE - Did you know that SEPTEMBER is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - TEAL is our color!

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Dear Friends,

I've tried to post to this site all day.  It will not accept my posts.  I had listed several web links that are so helpful for research on Ovarian Cancer.  So guess it will get cleared up sometime.  I've complained to Security, but haven't heard back.  This is aggravating.  I'm "not out here FOR my health!"  I'm trying to help!  Wear some TEAL color today--that's our color.  But for the time being, "I'm seeing RED!" :(


update - Thursday nite - 8:49 pm - 09-01-16

Well, thank goodness somebody here at CSN finally posted my entire letter.  I sent them a complete copy of the post you see below at least 3 X.  And so I'm glad that the different reference sites have been posted. The more we know, the more we understand what is going on "inside" our bodies.  So I'm thankful that someone "behind the scene" posted the article.