Update regarding postmenopausal bleeding + increased pain

Hello, just wanted to update that a surgery date has been set for next week on the 8th of September. I don't have access to speak with the surgeon until either the pre-anesthetic consult on Monday the 5th so will see what she says about the morcellator. I left a message with her nurse saying I just wanted to have the biopsies to begin with and if they are clear then maybe the morcellator but the surgeon passed on a message that she is still planning on using it. I don't feel comfortable with it. Maybe her point is that if it's a fibroid it will need to come out so if it turns out negative in the biospies then makes no sense doing two surgeries. I will see what she says. The Myosure brochures are obviously written by lawyers using very tricky wording regarding postmenopausal bleeding and risks where there is a high suspicion for cancer. 

My abdominal pain is getting worse, so much so that it has taken alot of pain medication to get it down to a 3/10 and this is with heat packs and rest The low back pain is the worst and very persistent tonight. This is the worst its been. If this continues it may be just as well to have a hysterectomy. Is this kind of pain common in uterine cancer? Seems like so much is going on it's hard to know whether it's potentially referred from the spine or the hip as the pain is also down the thighs a bit. Will be relieved to have some answers next week.

Thank you and love to everyone.


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    Zannie, Just wanted to say I

    Zannie, Just wanted to say I hope your surgery goes well and that you get out of that pain sooner than later. So sorry you are having to deal with it. I didn't have any pain with my cancer. In fact, I didn't know I had a problem until the vaginal ultrasound indicated thickness in my uterous.  I'm with you.... even if you don't have cancer yank that darn thing out! Life without mine has been great. :-)

    Please keep in touch and let us know your progress.

    Love and Hugs,


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    No pain whatsoever with my

    No pain whatsoever with my uterine cancer either.  I'm so sorry you're having to go through this!



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    My two cents. ok maybe more!

    I just got my diagnosis yesterday after a clean pap smear and an endometrial biopsy last Thursday.  I am 59 years old, and 9 years post menopausal. I've never had fibroids or any kind of reproductive organ issues until I started bleeding in June.  My Gynecologist did an ultrasound and referred me to a gynecologic oncologist for a biopsy and diagnosis because of a large tumor.  When I went to this particular doctor, she performed no tests but simply stated she would schedule me for a complete hysterectomy based on my age and the bleeding issue.  I said ok at first, but after giving it some thought I really became uncomfortable with the lack of an actual diagnosis as well as a lack of options or information.  So I scheduled an appt. for a second opinion.  The second opinion doctor did an ultrasound and agreed that I should go ahead and have a hysterectomy.  The difference being that she explained to me WHY it's safer, etc.  She also referred me to one of the top rated OB-GYN Oncologists in the city.  The difference between the two doctors was night and day.  He did the endometrial biopsy and my diagnosis is cancer.  I am scheduled for a complete hysterectomy on Sept. 8th as well.  This doctor is the surgeon, who spent all the time I needed to ask any questions I had, and to observe for any unusual bleeding following the biopsy.  I say all of this to say:  You should be able to have a conversation with your doctor.  If they don't have enough respect for you as an adult with a brain who can comprehend adult conversation, perhaps you should find a better doctor.  I am soooo happy that I didn't allow the first doctor to touch me, because the entire pre-op instructions and process are totally different.  The first doctor's nurse simply told me to take a stool softener before I came in for surgery because the pain meds following would constipate me.  My current nurse spent an hour on the phone with me giving me three pages of pre op instructions and explaining about the prescriptions that were being written, etc.  Please do your research on the morcellator so you can make an informed decision.   By the way, I too have had no pain.  If I had not started bleeding I would have had no idea!!  Good luck, and don't be afraid to be in charge of your body.

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    As a patient, you have rights

    Zannie, I had pain from cramping during my EXTREMELY heavy periods as well as unexplained weight gain and bloating. The cancer was diagnosed from a D&C to remove what they thought was fibroids.

    I agree with PrIJns that you should feel comfortable with your surgeon and with the information provided about the surgery. As a patient, you have the right to be fully informed before you agree to any type of treatment. Don't let them treat you badly. You deserve better. Maybe a second opinion is in order?

    Wishing you good luck no matter what you decide! Kim 

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    2nd opinion is necessary

    I have read to many bad things about the morcerator.  There could be cancer inside the fibroids and using the morcerator just threws it all over the place so the cancer has room to spread everyone a cell lands inside you.  Please if possible get a 2nd opinion.  There are other ways to remove a fibroid tumor without using that.  I found this on the Internet that is from the FDA.  Please tell you dr that you do not want to use it.   Good Luck and I will be praying for you. trish


    For Immediate Release: April 17, 2014
    Media Inquiries: Jennifer Rodriguez, 301-796-8232, [email protected]
    Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA, [email protected]

    FDA discourages use of laparoscopic power morcellation for removal of uterus or uterine fibroids 
    Procedure poses risk of spreading undetected cancerous tissue in women with unsuspected cancer

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    I have had pain in my pelvis, and lower abdoman for awhile and was first afraid that it was associated with my cancer.  After CT scan and MRI nothing was found.  The doctors first thought it was Siatica.  A shot for that did nothing.  I was sent to an orthopedist and they decided that it was my SI joint. An injection in that has helped although it lasted only a few months and the pain came back.  I get an other injection tomorrow, thank goodness.  sometimes the pain has been so bad that it radiates into my abdoman.  Just saying that even though we seem to blame our cancer on all aches and pains, sometimes it is caused by other things and the reason for the pain needs to be tracked down and treated.

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    I did have some pain in my

    I did have some pain in my abdomen befor I had my hysterectomy. The pain was gone afterwards. Now I sometimes have pain with constipation, so who knows. It makes senWe to worry about cancer, but it could be something else.