Non Differential Carcinoma

My Sad story begins, February 2016, as my moms thought processing was played with, her primary doctor did a ct scan and found a baseball sized metasticized tumor in her brain, surgery came and went, but not only did she have a metasticized tumor in her brain, she also had 2 supraclavicular and 3 in her chest.... and no one can tell me what to expect, life span, the radiation took her hair, the chemo caused neuropathy and my mother lives in pain on a daily basis, on the day i found out she had cancer i knew i was giving up my single, independent life to move home to take care of her, along with my father having congestive heart failure, and a anurism they are closely watching i go to sleep every night wondering what i will wake up to the next day!!!


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    You are doing a good thing

    Naomi, I am so sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis and your father's illness. You are doing a good thing by moving to be near them during this time. It won't be easy but you can do it. Good luck to you and to your parents.

    Wishing you strength and hope, Kim