a camp for kids with parents who have cancer

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Hey last night while searching the web for some support for my kids i found this website.  I was so excited to find it. It looks like they have a free week long camp for kids who has a parent that has cancer, who is a survivor of cancer, or who has lost their battle with cancer.  Its looks like this camp is in alot of areas in the US. I wish i would have found this a month or so ago because it looks like they had one in my area about two weeks ago.  I think i want my kids to go next year.

Anyways i wanted to share this with any one who might benifit.



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    Very Cool

    I can see this being very meaningful to the kids and indeed the families in this situation.  I may have taken advantage of this during my husband's cancer when the kids were little.  Nice of you to bring this to our attention.