So...good news (I think...).  Met with my gyn-surgeon, who is incredible (amazing!) and has kept me in her practice so she is also now my ob-gyn as well as my surgeon.   I completely LOVE this woman.  She knew immediately I was shaken by the most recent CT/PET Scans, and told me that while I could go ahead and try Topotecan (my oncologist's recommendation), but that there was also a strong argument to do nothing and just watch and see.  She said everything at this point is a crap reaching into a goodie bag and pulling out a surprise package and sometimes you get something good, and sometimes not.  I asked her what she would do and she said, "Probably nothing."  I am perfectly healthy and have been asymptomatic from the beginning.  I asked her if there was anything in the scans that alarmed her and she said no.  Everything is teeny, tiny, and almost 100% nodal.  She said her colleagues don't like her to say this, but the reality is that if you have to have cancer, nodal is the least likely to kill you.  My situation could go along for a very long time and remain asymptomatic. husband and I decided to go ahead and try the Topotecan which will take us through the holidays, and if it works....GREAT.  If it doesn't and all things remain the same, we feel comfortable taking a watch and monitor approach, using my naturopath to help keep me strong.  And who knows...maybe the Topotecan will work, but I am feeling a lot more confident that the sky is not falling this evening than I felt when I started this day.  It's amazing how just the right words from a doctor who takes the time to care can make all the difference! - Hugs all around! - Helen


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    That is wonderful news!!!  

    That is wonderful news!!!   And,  I agree 100% that a good doctor can make all the difference in the world! 




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    Wonderful doctors

    Helen, it is so great that you have a wonderful doctor to help guide you through these decisions. I count my lucky stars every day that I have a good one, too. Good luck to you on this chapter of your life story. Sounds like you're going to do great! Kim

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    I have to tell you I let out

    I have to tell you I let out a big sigh when I read this.  I have been thinking about you all week, and I am so happy to hear this news!  Also, very interesting to hear what your ob/gyn said about having cancer in the nodes.  Certainly gives those of us who may find ourselves in the same situation something to think about.  

    Big hug for you!



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    Truly Wonderful

    I am so very very thrilled.  You are such a together woman I am sure you found the best physician and with him/her make the best decisions to beat this beastie.  Carpe diem!

    Love ya, Patty

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    Helen, That is great news! I

    Helen, That is great news! I hope the treatment works with minimal side effects. You are such a strong woman. Please continue to let us know how you are doing.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Gotta love a great and honest Doc!

    Well this is music to ALL our ears! Happy for you and for your confidence in her care. There is nothing more reassuring than a doctor who you know really cares about you. Please post a bit when you start the topo - that's on my list for the future if I don't get into the MATCH trial. Heard it was a short and easy infusion which sure sounds good. Happy happy happy for you!!!! Xoxox, Billie

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    Helen, good to hear that you

    Helen, good to hear that you have a great doctor. I wish you all the best that natural remedies take care of it!!

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    Wonderful Helen!

    Glad to hear this.  Great news!  I definitely know what you mean about doctors.   So glad you have a good one!



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    A plan you feel good about

    So happy to read that you and your husband have weighed opinions of both med onc and gyn onc and come up with a plan that you feel good about and that you actually understand and can make an informed decision.  So many people just "do what Dr. X says" or because of what a friend/family member did.  Whew!  Best of luck to you on the Topetecan.