Genetic tests reveals 2 therapies

Hi all,

I'm wondering if we can continue the discussion about targeted therapies. Last night, at 10:30 pm no less, my saint of a doctor emailed me the results of the OmniSeq testing I had done on Aug 12th from her phone - she had just gotten it in her email. It revealed 2 therapies. The first, and the one she thinks is best, is the NCI-MATCH. See this link for info that might pertain to you as well:

There are a lot of factors and criteria that I have to meet before I will be accepted so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. And of course - what can I hope for reasonably? It is a genetically targeted therapy - so I believe I will be flying without the chemo net - which is terrifying. Traditional chemo would be starting (topotican) next Friday - which now I wouldn't be, while I wait for the trial to repeat the biopsy results as is their protocol. My hope going into the Aug 12th biopsy is that I would have the marker for keytruda - which apparently I dont - and that's really all I've been studying, so I'm a little thrown off track. Roswell (Buffalo, NY) is trying to move up the rest of the screening process to hurry things along. 

Would love to hear any of your thoughts or experiences so I can make an informed decision - or at least ask the right questions!

Thanks Warriors!



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    Billie, I know nothing about

    Billie, I know nothing about this but am following this thread in hopes of learning about this.  Right now I have NED and of course, hope it stays that way.  But, in the event it doesn't, this is the direction I would look.

    Stay strong, my friend, and keep us posted!



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    Cutting-edge of Science

    Hi Billie, sound like you'll be on the cutting-edge of science if you're able to get into this trial. Fingers-crossed that you can get in and that they find a targeted match for you. Please keep us updated on your progress and good luck to you! Kim