abnormal vaginal discharge

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Hi, sorry for the odd posting - I am using an old mobile phone at times and it doesn't work well with the site. The discharge is sometimes black and also during times of postmenopausal bleeding. I am thinking it may be some very old blood maybe? 


  • NoTimeForCancer
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    Zannie, I am going to guess

    Zannie, I am going to guess your subject is what you are asking about.  If you are having black, vaginal discharge I would recommend calling your gyn's office and scheduling an appointment.  I hope it is nothing but it should be checked out.  Please let us know how that goes. 

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    Probably no issue but anytime you have abnormal discharge or pains etc, let your doc know asap.  It is much better to over react to a non issue than to not react to a life threatening issue.  Trouble is, with our treatments, we are not really aware of what the symptoms mean so must defer to the doc.  NoTimeForCancer, as usual, is spot on...  call your doc soon and let him determine if you have an issue and how to deal with it.  And you will spend a much less stressful weekend knowing it is being handled by the medical professionals.  Let us know.