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Hi Ladies,

Have any of you had rising marker levels due to a hernia.

I've had a rise every test since surgery in November, chemo finished in March, the CT was clear at that time.

I have a hernia, which appeared in June which is when my levels started to rise to upper limit. Is there any common link?



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    CA 125

    Hi Lily Anne, first I am definitely no expert on CA125...  but have read a bit.  Hopefully someone with more knowledge will be able to address it more properly.  My doc will not use CA125 since it is primarily designed for ovarian cancer (I think that is correct).  He also says that test isn't conclusive and is only and indicator that further testing should be conducted.  Even if it is at an elevated level, a number of other factors can influence the rise to include some infections etc.  So I guess I am trying to say is not to worry overly (yeah, after you get cancer every ache and pain is subject to scrutiny...  I knpw that) but if you can, don't worry too much and just hold tight for the follow up.  I certainly wish you only the very best in luck and health.