Silly questions to make you laugh

At our recent visit to the oncologist my mum was asked what is her goal from the treatment? I was confused so asked for clarification. The oncologist said is your goal to live longer or quality of life? I was amazed at how stupid the question was. I said why dont you work on a long life with good quality? She didnt ask any more questions after that. 

Does anyone here have any different goal to this? Sometimes i think the doctors forget they are talking to a living person with a desire to keep living!!


Anyone else got asked anything silly like this?


  • MAbound
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    Well Put!

    Drs., like us, need to always be learning new things and your reply will perhaps contribute to you mom's doctor's education! 

  • BC Brady
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    Thank you for doing us all a favor

    Seriously - re-training is needed in the medical field when it comes to bedside manner. They all think we are going to sue them from the grave if we ever get the impression that they can save us and they don't. I would love to go on a mandatory training junket that teaches them that we are all a statistic of ONE. Great - you've told us the odds of surviving to the 5 year mark - now tell us about the "outlyers" the ones that beat the odds - the ones whose mind and body pulled them through this - what did you learn from them? And how can I be like THOSE people?

    Fercryinoutloud - throw us a fricken bone here, (ala Mike Myers)


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    Billie, Yes!

    The outliers are the ones we and the doctors should be paying attention to!