Natural treatments

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Hi all,

Last year when my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer we were told its not curable. And she did not have long to live. Chemo would be too difficult for her to take and since the tumours were in lungs she could not get radiotherapy. So we were left with hormone therapy only which had very little effect. After 3 months cancer continued to grow. So we consulted various naturopaths, chinese herbalist etc. And tried a few natural therapies. All of which were unsuccessful. We did not even get a small reduction in anything. Tumours kept growing. I thought i would list them here in case anyone else is planning to try them along with your other treaments.


Diet changes - vegan diet sugar free with lots of organic vegetables. No processed foods.

Carrot juice 2 litres a day

Vitamin C IV


Baking soda

Chinese herbal plus acupuncture

Green smoothies


Ketogenic diet


Essential oils


Essiac tea


They were either tried seperately or some in conjunction for 3 months at a time. We did also use quite a few immune boosting supplements. 


Hope it helps anyone else going down this path. These may have helped with nutrition but not in terms of shrinking cancer.