Still getting sores?!


I finished rads on June 30th, about 7 weeks ago. I'm making good progress on recovery but noticed that I'm still getting sores popping up on the sides of my mouth towards my throat. They are not large and don't really hurt. They're just annoying when I eat. They seem to appear and reappear in the same spots. How long does this last, in general?


  • CivilMatt
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    good to hear from you.


    Until they are over or for most, not much longer.  It can be a bit annoying, but generally means little about cancer and more to do about recovery and diet.

    To always be safe, keep your team informed.  They may have recommendations.


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    Steve, we had sores for a long time

    In our case adjuvant chemo exacerbated something called radiation recall and it just seemd to take forever for them to go away...but eventually they did. You know what to do - you're a veteran here now - so break out the swishy stuff, the L-glutamine, the aloe...whatever helped while you were in the thick of it. Hang in there and soon, I hope, those sores will be gone.