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 Just got back from Honduras last week and down with Pneumonia this week, man that sucks. But I started feeling bad the last few weeks down there, it is not because of the weather or anything but because not being able to swallow the mucus, so it goes right in to the lungs. I don’t know if any of you remember Denny but that was his problem, always in the hospital because of Pneumonia.

I had a lot of mucus and flem last night and seems like I was up every hour coughing it up, or trying to cough it up and out of my damaged mouth. I heard someone saying every time you get Pneumonia it makes you weaker and easier to get it again. I have stopped eating and drinking anything that would make my body produce more mucus, right now just keep me in your prayers please. I hope and pray that tonight will be a lot better.

 God Bless




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    Get well soon!

    Sorry. You are sick, hope you have a humidifier it helps break up the phlegm.  Sending get well wishes & hugs! Peace!