What doctor do I talk to?


I am 8 weeks done with chemotherapy.  Since around 2 weeks ago, I have been breaking out in hives. They haven't been itchy, until recently, last week they started to itch like crazy.  They are all over my body.  I think they are related to the chemotherapy.  Do I contact my regular doctor, or my oncologist?


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    Since you are 8 weeks out

    Since you are 8 weeks out from chemo, I would start with my GP. They tend to look more broadly at symptoms in my opinion.

    I hope you get some relief asap. I had hives once from a drug reaction. It was miserable! By the way, you might want to try some Benedryl while you wait to get in to the doctor. It will help.

    Love and Hugs


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    I agree to call your GP.  Six weeks after chemo seems like a long time for developing an allergic reaction to it.  I used to work in an ER (as a Medical Records employee) and the usual culprits were drugs, new detergents, soaps, body lotions, foods, etc.  I even saw a few cases of hives from a change in the outdoor temperature.

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