Need advice on starting chemo

Hi ladies, 

So many of you have braved chemo. I can only describe it as feeding on poision to stay alive... makes you all stronger than lionesses!!

I need some advice. Hoping i can get some pointers. Mum is starting chemo next week. Carboplatin only as she is quite weak. What can she expect? Is first dose really hard? What can she do to get through it with minimal side effects? Appreciate all your advice!




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    Ladies going through chemo -

    Ladies going through chemo - how are you doing? Or those just starting or curious

    Diya - The above link has a lot of information on chemo impacts. I had carbo but also had taxol so I can't comment on how just the one will impact your Mom.  Make sure your Mom drinks a lot of water. Miralax before chemo and a few days after will help her with constipation.  The day of chemo will most likely be non-eventful for her. The nurses will keep a watch over her to ensure she doesn't have any reactions. She will probably feel pretty good for a few days before the side effects hit. Of course, this is all a guess since she is already not feeling well.

    I hope this helps slow the progression for her.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Hi I agree with cindi on

    Hi I agree with cindi on using the thread she pointed out.  I am doing my forth of six chemo treatment today.   I would suggest talking to the chemo nurses.  mine were and are very helpful.  I had a little evaluation with one of the chemo nurses right before my first treatment.  I hope you guys get that. I had a lot of fruit and juice and water in my fridge before so i wouldnt have to worry about that after treatment. Drinking fluids is very important.  I didnt start feeling any side effects until the the evening of the second day so far. I start taking miralax or there is a pill to take as well (if thats easier) the day of my chemo and a few days after to help with constipation.  Im glad for that stuff.  I wish you two the best. 

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    Chemo Orientation

    Diya, so sorry about your Mum having to go through this! Hopefully her oncologist's office will provide her with an orientation meeting to see the room, talk about the pre-meds that she will need to take the days leading up to the infusion and how they will help her manage any side-effects before she starts treatments. Remeber that the chemo poisons the cancer so it's a good thing! Think of it as her little soldiers helping her fight this battle. Wishing your Mum luck as she begins this journey. Kim 

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    Thankyou ladies for the advice and the link. Very helpful! 

    I really like the little soldiers analogy... felt much more positive afterwards. Thank you!

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    Diya said:


    Thankyou ladies for the advice and the link. Very helpful! 

    I really like the little soldiers analogy... felt much more positive afterwards. Thank you!

    Chemo Info.

    I felt like I'd been drinking a few when I got started on my first chemo appointment.  It was from the drugs they gave me before they started the chemo.  They gradually wore off after about 3 hours.  I really don't think I had any reaction to the first chemo other than that.  I had both carboplatin and taxol.  I was surprised I felt as well as I did.  My hair fell out less than 2 weeks later, but that was from the taxol. After about round 2, I got sores in my mouth and lost my appetite, but I forced myself to eat.  By round 3, I was pale and anemic.  I got short of breath while walking into stores.  I had refused the Neulasta shot.  I had to have a blood transfusion.  The only other side effect I had was peripheral neuropathy, numbness in my feet, which was bad at first.  I guess I was one of the lucky ones to have had so few problems with chemo.