Second doctors appointment after chemo

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Well I had my second doctors appointment after chemo.  First appointment (doctor and CT scan) was 5-1/2 weeks after chemo (May 4th).  That appointment went well with NED at that time.  This appointment was just a doctors appointment and after checkup all is well NED again.  Makes me very happy to be able to say this.  Now next appt./scan will be in 3 months (Nov. 16th).   As I was going to appointment I was driving with front windows down (as weather in Wisconsin was a beautiful day) playing my Neil Sedaka CD and singing along just enjoying the day.  Glad to be alive and feeling well at this time.  I take each day at a time and think positive thoughts. While sitting in the doctors office watching the women coming out with sad looks on their faces it reminded me of how I felt last October when I got the news that I have uterine carcinoma. Thinking my life was soon to be over.  I wanted so badly to go up to them and say it was OK to feel afraid and sad but don't give up.  Keep thinking positive thoughts and take each day at a time. Yes I have the dreaded CANCER but I made up my mind early on that I was going to fight this thing with everything I have and be glad I am alive to see another day.  Don't get me wrong I had bad days and felt sorry for myself too. Yes chemo was hard and again I made up my mind that I would be OK with it. Even with the hair loss.  I told myself when this happened it was a step to staying alive. Sure is slow growing back tho.  I was fortunate not to have radiation.  Doctor said the dose of chemo I had was strong and radiationn was not necessary at this time.  I just thank all the women on this board for the encouragement they show and information they share.  I had so many questions as I went along and found so many others had information to share about their ride with Cancer that sometimes was similar to what I was going through. 

God Bless all of you !!!!



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    Jerri, So glad to hear your

    Jerri, So glad to hear your great news! Congrats. I love those days when you just feel good inside and out. :-)

    My attitude is very similar to yours. I'm so glad that I did the recommended treatments and I wake up happy every day.

    Here's to many more great check ups and happy wake ups.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Congrats on 6-months of NED!

    Jerri, you have a great attitude! Congrats on 6-months NED and may you continue that way forever! Kim

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    Yeah, Jerri!

    Congrats on NED and may there be many more NEDs to follow.  My next follow-up is in November as well, so here's hoping we can celebrate our NEDships together!


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    Great Celebration come November

    Thanks Kim and Editgirl look forward to celebrate with you.

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    SO happy for you!  This is

    SO happy for you!  This is all a journey isn't it?  and you did it!