Has anyone just used carboplatin for treatment without taxol etc? What were the side effects you felt? Also what sort response did you get? Appreciate any responses on this. Thanks.


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    Diya, I don't know if I read

    Diya, I don't know if I read anyone here just receiving carboplatin, however taxol is the one people seem to have the most problem with.  I recall being monitored closely every time I got it for a reation.  I think some women have had to have their chemo changed to taxotere.  (I think I am remembering that right. I hope someone will correct me if I am wrong)

    Are you asking because that is all you are going to be treated with?

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    Hi Diya,

    I was given both carboplatin and taxol.  On my first treatment, I developed a horrid sensitivity to taxol, they stopped the taxol and all I got was carboplatin, this happened on the 2nd treatment so for two treatments I only received carboplatin.  My oncologist was happy enough as he said carboplatin is the big gun.  On the third treatment I had carboplatin and taxotere.  When I only had carbo platin I did wonderfully...  I felt good, minimal amount of fatigue and I did not lose my hair.  Since I have begun taxotere I have had all the side effects pretty much. Not killer but I have not felt nearly so well.  So, based on my useage, I would say I had an easier go with Carboplatin.  I kept my hair and had few side effects...  and my doc said it was the big gun.  Now I am bald but beautiful....  but another weird question.  I lost my hair on infusion 3 then stopped for radiation and hair started back.  I am not losing my little stubble hair so far.. should have started.  I am hoping...  maybe, this time I won't lose it.  Ya suppose?  But that is off topic and I am sorry.

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    Yes it will just be

    Yes it will just be carboplatin for mum.


    Brissance, thankyou for your insight. Feeling more positive now. I think you will get to keep your hair and style them beautifully ☺