Brain mets with endometrial serous adenocarcinoma

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just want to find out if anyone here has experienced brain metastasis with uterine serous adenocarcinoma. 


My mother has this, uterine, with spread to adrenal and brain. 


Craniotomy is today to get rid of the lesion, theres only one. 


No surgery to uterus yet as it is too big to remove successfully unless chemo shrinks it.  chemo two thirds of the way through first round , carbo and taxol. 




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    You're not alone here

    So sorry to hear what you and your mother are dealing with. While all of us here are not necessarily dealing with the exact same thing you are, we sure all understand the shock and fear part of the diagnosis and what you face trying to come out from under it. It's a real emotional roller coaster for all, but there is a lot of support to be found here, even if we don't always have the answers you're looking for. Take strength from being there for your mother, it's a precious gift you are giving her that you'll never regret.

    Keep us posted on how things are going and how you are managing or not. I'm sure as the things you have to deal with get more specific and you read earlier posts that you'll find some helpful and hopeful information. It's a lot to take in and process, that's for sure!


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    Scary stuff.  I have read a

    Scary stuff.  I have read a number of stories from ladies where the cancer went to the brain.  They were fighting but alive and apparently feeling quite well (as I recall).  There are still lots of ways to wiggle.  Chemo is often used to shrink large masses before surgery.  My husband had a huge non Hodgkins lymphoma tumor in his abdoment (19 cm).  Like your mom, it was too big to remove.  The gave him chemo and monitored the tumor.  Within a few doses they were able to successfully remove the cancer... that was 21 years ago he is still here driving me crazy!  

    It is so overwhelming when we take the whole issue and try to come up with answers when we don't know all the ways to treat the condition.  There will be a plan.  May not completely cure her but the killer disease may be tamed and it turns into more of a chronic condition like diabetes that she will have forever and have different treatments forever, but she will have a good quality of life.  

    Keep the faith and continue the support of your mom.  (I know you will).  May the good Lord bless and keep both of you during this diffcult time.

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    Craniotomy went went. I

    Craniotomy went went. I believe next will be wbrt, dont want to let this usc gain any territory. Can radiation and chemo be done simultaneously? She will be in the hosp till friday, but i am hoping to catch the med onc if he goes to see her whilst she is in, i want to know the plan now, and make sure that we, and they, are on the ball.&nbsp;</p> <p>I want her back on the chemo asap as I know how quickly those other two tumours grow. Aggressive little monsters.&nbsp;</p> <p>My mum is taking metformin, and cannabis oil. Prior to any treatment, her ca125 was 136. Havent had a follow up yet, but hopefully it's less next time.&nbsp;</p> <p>should this line of chemo be the suck, i am making enquiries about immunotherapy, and would greatly like the medical oncologist to recommend the brain lesion be profiled, so we know specifically what mutations there are and the best way to tackle this situation.&I have been reading the boards since May. reading and learning what may be coming, what things mean, and what we could do, has helped me so much in managing all these interactions with the MANY people involved in mums treatment. So thank you, the boards really are invaluable. ( and emotional, and therapeutic, and scary.

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    Glad to hear it went well. I

    Glad to hear it went well. I hope you are able to get answers quickly to all of your questions and have a plan of attack for your mom.

    There are ladies on this board that did a mixed therapy of chemo and radiation but I don't think they were done at the same time. I could be wrong about that. Mine were done separately. Hopefully someone can answer that for you that has first hand knowledge.

    Please come back and let us know how she is doing.

    Love and Hugs,