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I am 5 years post treatment and doing pretty well. From time to time, I have bleeding after a BM. It really scares me a lot. Is this normal this far out from treatment? thanks.


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    I am 3.5 years post treatment and still have occassional bleeding.  It seems to happen less and less over the past year but still very scary.  I believe it is normal since the radiation damaged the skin.  But it never hurts to check with your doctor (that's one thing I've learned from this whole experience.)

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    Welcome here, as I see you have recently joined our group. 

    About the occasional bleeding--my radiation oncologist and I had a discussion about this a few years ago when I had the same concern.  He explained to me that radiation thins the lining of the intestines and when stool passes through, the tissue can easily bleed because the blood vessels in the area are closer to the surface post-treatment.  It is quite common to have this happen.  I am almost 8 years about of treatment and still have it happen once in awhile if I have a hard bowel movement.  Keeping things soft helps.

    I do understand your concern about this--it is scary, considering all you've been through.  If you need more reassurance that this is normal, I would highly recommend you contact your doctor.  I hope that will give you peace of mind.  Take care.