Change in numbers after 8 years

outwest Member Posts: 7

Hi, I was treated for thyroid cancer 8 years ago, had two surgeries, the 131 and everything.

I went to a new doctor, who said my numbers are changing, the cyst that is behind my artery in my neck which is inoperable, is the same size. Before is was vascular. So I was upset, scared and not expecting to hear this. A slew of tests are ordered, and maybe I will need the 131 again.

The issue is, I told my husband yesterday late in the afternoon when I finally got back from the lab, and he went to the gym instead of coming home. And then today, I told him I didn't want to go to the movie, I wanted to be alone as I am processing this news. He told me "you should stop feeling sorry for yourself" I told him he had no right to say that. Anyway he went to the movie.


I don't feel sorry for myself, I don't want to be a bother to anyone. I just had a biopsy on a mole as I have also had skin cancer, and he didn't even help me put the ointment on it or a baindaid and it was on my back, I took care of it.

I did tell him this and said if they do the 131 I have no support as he never even thought to help me recently.


Has anyone else had this said to them? I really am not the type to sit around thinking sorry thoughts about myself, my mother is aging, not doing well and I spend all of my time helping her.


I don't know how I can do all this if I get the 131.