7 radiation treatments left!


Sorry I haven't posted or commented in awhile.  I've been struggling with nausea.  Pain is pretty much under control with gabapetin, liquid hydrocodone, and magic mouthwash.  I can deal with the fatigue too.  It is just this nausea - and having to cough up mucus because of the radiation treatments doesn’t help.  I had my last chemo Aug 2 and had to go in for 2 days following for iv infusions of fluids and anti nausea meds.  I am on Phenergan and zofran.  But good news is I have 7 treatments left!! ( I was supposed to end on the Aug 15, but my machine was down one day last week!) I've also completely lost my voice due to swollen vocal vords!  I hope everyone is doing well!



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    7 rads to go


    7 left and that is all.  Sorry about the nausea, you just never know who will get it.  Chemo is usually the culprit, so with that over maybe the nausea will end.

    Best of luck,


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    Hang In There

    Hang in there almost done.  So glad you have a handle on the pain, so, so, important!  I used Mucinex, baking soda/water rinse and Gly-Oxide ( a gentle Peroxide cleaner) to help with the mucus.  A dry-erase board went with me everywhere to converse.  Hang in there......your doing good!  Hugs

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    Your are almost there!


    7 treatments will go by quickly. Hang in there! I can relate to the mucous as that was the worst and still bothers me some 3 weeks out.  I too lost my voice but it came back within a week or so after the treatments stopped.  You are almost there and ready to begin recovery. I wish you the best over the next few weeks.  Keep us updated on our progress.


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    Joanne, good luck with the

    Joanne, good luck with the remainder of your treatments. Isn't it amazing to reach so close to the end?  You're almost there. Ring that bell girl, loud and clear!!!

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    Dear Joanne

    I know that this week will be tough to drag yourself into a place that is making you feel worse. Hang in there though. I'm one week out and today i feel my throat is a little better. This isn't easy. But it's all they've come up with to help us survive. Ring that bell then go take a nap.

    Right along with you,


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    Thank you!

    Thanks for the encouragement!!!


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    Post Vocal Chord cancer.

    I just had radiation treatment. Lost voice for a while. Symptomes then gradually decreased until 5+ years later all I get is neck cramps and the beard never did recover and start regrowing in the irradiated areas.

    So hang in there. finish the course then enjoy the recovery.