Waking up each morning , extremely dehydrated


Hi there ,

Its beem a very long while since I was here last. Been moving forward with my life It will be 2 years on monday since I finished my treatment.

I initially lost 43 kgs and have put a fair bit back on now. My appetite is most certainly back and can eat most things now, I struggle a bit with chicken , some meats and hamburgers.

My only concern at the moment is  Im waking up each morning very very dehydrated.  Im not sure what to do ???

I have water by my bed at night and a spray for dry mouth. I tend to sleep with my mouth open. So having saliary glands that are not working at 100 % makes for a very dry mouth and throat by morning. I wake about 2 - 3 times a night for the toilet and much needed sips of water, whicch gies me broken sleep.

How do you all cope with this much dry mouth especially if you sleep with your mouth open ?

My husband says my snoring is getting worse and I need to see a sleep clinic , he thinks I may have sleep apnoea. Im not sure if this can fix anything ? Would be a sleep clinic be able to help , even somebody with dry mouth ?

Would some sort of mask or something to cover mouth help minimise my dry mouth ? I think similar to those used for sleep apnnoea ?

I wake up tired , headachy from dehyration and I just dont like getting up inthe morning anymore. My husband at times thinks im just being lazy , but broken sleep like this and being so dry in my mouth and down my throat , Im sooooo tired.

Help much appreciated , thank you ,