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Monday was the second of the Keytruda treatments And for the most part everything went well.  Still almost no side effects.  My blood test were all pretty good.  Almost not anemic anymore.  My CA 125 was a little troubling though. It jumped from 159 to over 800.  Y oncologist said before we started that there was no way of knowing how it would react to the Keytruda as the cancers that it has been approved for do not have blood tests for cancer markers.  Hopefully it is caused by my immune system attacking the cancer cells.  I will have a CT scan after the next treatment in three weeks.  That may not show anything yet either because the tumors may look like they are growing due to my white blood cells attacking them.  So it is a wait and see situation.

The pain in my hip has returned.  I can't get into the orthopedist for another cordizone injection until the end of Aug.  I am trying to use a heating pad and Tylonal I don't want to go back to the pain meds.

Hugs and prayers for all of you wonderful ladies, Lou Ann


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    Lou Ann

    im going to make you blush.  I think you are the most amazing lady.  You face this beast with such courage and fortitude.  I'm so pleased that things are going well and side effects are minimal but wish the hip pain hadn't come back.  Have you tried alternating heat and cold?

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    Aw, LouAnn

    You are so tough.  Dealing with that pain in your hip and the new drug.  I'm glad that your side effects are minimal.  Hoping that in time those damn tumors shrink.  Did they give you an idea of how long it would be before they can determine whether it's working or not?

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    Keep the fight

    We're all behind you Lou-Ann. Keep us updated. You're a pioneer for us!

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    Praying for the Best

    Lou-Ann, Bless your heart, you are such a strong woman.  Connie says it best so I will just ditto her.  

    Hope your pain is soon backed off.

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    Lou Ann,

    Lou Ann,

    Thanks so much for the update. I'm looking three weeks out for you to get very positive results from that next scan! Sorry about the hip pain though. I hope you can get some relief soon and enjoy a bit of renewed strength.  You continue to amaze me!

    Love and Hugs,


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    I'm so sorry for the hip pain

    I'm so sorry for the hip pain you are experiencing. I can relate. My knee isn't doing well either. I also do cold and or heat with a little relief. I had my injection a few weeks ago and it helped some, but not as well as it used to. I'm toying with the idea of knee replacement, but I would have to check with the oncologist. I'm not sure if I can deal with the whole recovery process and not to mention the cancer rearing its ugly head. Jees we all need a break!

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    I've been worried about you

    I've been worried about you but kept checking your name and it showed you were on the board, just not posting. When I did the interview with the group that is going to redo this website, they had taken that information away.  They didn't know why it was useful.  I told them we NEED that.  Sometimes people are either too sick to post or don't have any news but.....it lets the rest of us know they're still coming here.

    I'm so sorry about that d*mn hip pain but I don't blame you for not wanting to take any stronger pain meds.  I still will take a half of a Percoset during the night if my leg/foot pain keeps me awake but I hate to do it!  Hopefully this new med will start the wheels in motion for your body to shrink those tumors.  (((Lou Ann)))



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    Lou ann,  I remember when i

    Lou ann,  I remember when i first got on this discussion board back in may (I think) reading about you and all the troubles you were having. Im so glad the side effects now are better for you.  I am currently having joint pain in my legs. I had a few good days and was hoping it wasnt going to be a problem any more. It came back. I guess I tell you this because i think you are such a good exsample with how to get through tough things and i thank you.  May God be with you as you continue

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    CA-125 Numbers Rising

    Lou Ann, thank you so much for posting this update. It's so helpful to get these first-person reports on new drugs. I'm following a few others who are also using Keytruda or Opdivo for uterine or ovarian cancer and some have reported their CA-125 numbers rising during the first few treatments. As you said, hopefully, that is just an indication of your immune system fighting off the cancer cells. Thank you again for sharing your experiences with us. I hope that you are able to find some relief for your hip pain soon. Kim