Level of impairment during/after treatment


I was just wondering how you guys fared during/after treatment? Were you able to drive yourself to treatments, or did you have to have a friend or family member drive you? Did you continue to work? Were you able to grocery shop, pick up prescriptions, make meals, etc.? If not, at what point did you notice the change, and when were you able to get back to your activities thereafter?

Thanks in advance for your insight, and continued well wishes to you all! 


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    I drove myself to all treatments, except for Mondays (which was my husband's day off) and for the last two treatments, when I was too miserable to drive myself.  I was not working, so that was not an issue for me.  I ran errands when I was in the first part of treatment, but towards the end, my husband did all of that.  The last 3 weeks were not good for me.  As for resuming activities post-treatment, some things took some time, but I am a runner and was back on my treadmill 10 days after treatment ended for short jogs.  It just takes time and each person's activity level during treatment time and recovery time is different, so try not to compare too much.  I always tell people to listen to their body and it will let them know what they can or cannot do.  I wish your Mom all the best.


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    An unfortunate welcome to you.

    Everyone's experience with treatment is different.  I have a very caring and supportive husband who "drove the bus" to radiation most days and took me to every doctor & chemo appointment.  I drove myself on a few days when he needed a well deserved break and I actually felt more "normal" doing so.  I may have been able to drive every day by myself but was glad not to have to and to have someone waiting for me when I was done.  I was fortunate to be able to beb off work the entire time and just concentrate on healing.  I doubt I would have been able to go to work because of diarrhea and later fatigue, although I know others have worked during treatment.  I also wanted to avoid germs.  I did make short  trips to the store and I did continue to cook, although I didn't do much else (especially towards the end of treatment).  I went back to work about a month after I finished treatment (1/2 days for the 1st two weeks). 

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    I drove myself

    I drove myself to all 30 radiation treatments .  My partner drove me for my first chemo infusion.  During the treatment phase the doctors cautioned to limit interaction with people due to the fact my immunity system was low due to chemo.  I did not go anywhere but to and from treatments fuing this six week time.  I was not interested in eating much during this time due to severe diarrhea when I ate anything.  I limited my diet to toasted cheese sandwiches and Ensure for the most part.  It was at least two months before I felt like doing anything after treatment.  Fortunately I was retired at the time of treatment.