Done and done


Last treatment was today. I rang the bell. I never thought this day would come. They didn't give me my mask though.I didn't care. Thank you all for being there with me. I will report on my post tx. Not looking forward to post effects but I am so glad for no more zappings. Journey forth.



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    Congratulations H&N, end of rads, no more mask, start to heal, bell ringer.

    Your post effects may not be too bad (at least that is what I am rooting for).


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    Big day

    Congrats on ringing that bell. I hope healing goes quickly for you. I'll be thinking of you.


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    Congrats. Strange as this might sound, I actually felt a little sad for the first few days after treatment. The routine of making the trip gave my day a certain strange kind of rhythm, and my visits to the nurse’s station where they would rinse my mouth were very comforting. In fact that was the high point of my day. I know you know the next few weeks will be rough, so hang in there and you will soon start to heal, although not quite as fast as you would like. Give yourself the time and the rest you need to recover from the brutality of the treatment. Good luck. 

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    Yea, done and rung the bell.   Good for you! you did to!  I will keep my fingers crossed your 1st month goes fairly well.  You know it will be rough but you are on your way.  Rest, drink lots of water, and keep swallowing.

    Big Hugs & Congrats........Lisa

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    Thank you

    Thank you all for your kind words and wishes.

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    Congrats! Hope your recovery

    Congrats! Hope your recovery goes well!

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    I'm so happy for you!!  It

    I'm so happy for you!!  It feels good doesn't it?

    Today is 3 weeks since I rang the bell. I was worried about how I would feel after rads before I could get back to the new normal. Well, first week was all fatigue and barely able to do much. Second week improved and I was doing some housework, though fatigue would hit after a couple of hours. Third week...joined fhe gym yesterday!  Nothing heavy, just stuff like walking, using the bike. I was exhausted once I got back home. Went today, and it took about 3 hours after my workout to feel fatigued. I'm seeing loads of improvements. You will too.  One thing I've done is to continue rinsing, also only eating really wholesome foods, and resting but moving around as much as I can.  But first week is harder.  You'll be fine.  Congrats. 

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    You are awesome

    for crossing that finish line. It truly, truly does get better but it's slow at first so you may not notice. I know you had such a rough go of it, but you DID IT! Now focus on the fact that you zapped those cancer cells and I pray that you'll soon be receiving a NED (no evidence of disease) report from your team.


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    Thanks Barbara.  I kept seeing NED.  Didn't know what the hell it meant?

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    Gypsy...I know you finished Aug 2..don't know how I missed it (I'm sorry)!  I hope you're feeling a little better 2 weeks out!!  Prayers you continue to heal and receive a NED report!!



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    I too missed your "ringing of the bell".  So happy for you as the end of treatments is so rewarding! By now the cooking process should be near complete and you are on to the healing stages. I truly hope all goes well for you as you continue toward your first post treatment scan.