How to support dad while he waits for treatment

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Hi, all,

My dad was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the rectum 2 weeks ago after months of (unsuccessful) treatment of internal hemerrhoids...which turned out to never have existed in the first place. Now that we finally know what has been causing all of his pain and bleeding for the past few months, it feels like it is taking forever for treatment to begin.

I can tell the wait is wearing on him. It's wearing on the rest of us too. I want to be helpful. Anyone who has been there and done that wait have any advice for the waiting period between diagnosis and treatment?

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    It is Normal

    Unfortunately your dad is experiencing the worst part of this process in my opinion.  I was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2008  with Stage 2 anal cancer.  The waiting for all test results was for me the worst part of the journey.  I well remember not be able to sleep for two straight weeks awaiting all test results.  Even with presribed sleep aids it did not help.  Once I started treatment I treated the daily treatment appointments as a job.  This helped me get through the treatment process mentally.  I have been cancer free since my last treqatment in January 2009.  Best of luck to your dad.


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    I'm sorry your dad has gotten this diagnosis.  I was diagnosed with anal cancer in mid-June 2008 and didn't begin treatment until the last days of July that year, which seemed like an eternity to me.  It was a worrisome and anxious 6 weeks for me, which I'm sure this time is for your father as well.  Keep in mind that there are many preliminary things that need to be done between diagnosis and the beginning of treatment.  Some cancers are more aggressive than others, but hopefully your dad's is of the less-aggressive kind.  During this time I would suggest doing things with your dad that he enjoys, which may provide some distraction.  If he enjoys any type of physical activity, that can be very good.

    Please let us know when his treatment is to begin and what type of treatment he will get.  We are here to support both of you.  I wish you and your dad all the very best.