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I am awaiting my recovery phase. I just rang my rad bell this past Wednesday and my chemo bell on the 21st of July. Lately, I get so down about not drinking enough to keep my swallow functioning. I struggle with this nasty mucous every time I drink something. It's like fighting an invisible force and I end up coughing or throwing up. All of my nutrition is going through my tube. When is too soon to attempt my cream of wheat? So tired most of the time I have to give myself a "rocky" speech just to sip water:/ I know healing takes time and I'm not even done "cooking" yet but lm definitely feeling the blues! 

just venting here in Texas 


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    Just venting,

    Normally, you are allowed to try and eat anything you want, when you want, there are no hard and fast rules.  I tried everything (mostly unsuccessfully) all the time and it took me 7 months to get back to normal eating.

    Keep sipping and swallowing, believe me, it does get easier soon.  Everything should start to get easier soon.

    Try some things,  put different things in your mouth to experiment.  Try some salt, sugar, a potato chip, some cream of wheat.  Try different anti-nausea meds if needed.

    You are on the cusp of turning the corner.  Don’t be blue, have a nice smoothie, on me.


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    Being blue is understandable.

    Being blue is understandable.  I started down that road after treatment since I got so impatient, angry, & tired with everything.  Once I got it through my thick skull that it takes time, not days, not weeks, but a month at a time.  I just workEd at taking it One Day at a Time.  I will be entering my 4th month post-treatment and am doing so much better.  Further than I thought I'd be.

    1st month was the worse.  Yes, you are still "cooking" and mucus is horrific.  This is the hardest in recovery.  But please keep drinking and swallow, swallow, swallow. One of the best tips I got from this board, (plus many, many others).  I also had a tube and I made sure to get extra water and fluid down the tube as often as possible.  Take your pain meds and keep your mouth as clean as possible.  I brushed often.  I rinsed often with baking soda water ( could not do salt).  I also found that Oral-gel Antiseptic Rinse helped with the mucuS and mouth sores (my entire mouth was filled with them).  It has Hydrogen Peroxide which helps to clean out and debrie excess gunk. Also a light pain reliever.  Test a tiny bit first to make sure it doesn't burn bad.

    Month 2: Still had mucus but was getting more of an idea what seemed to work and formulated a daily game plan For cleaning and clearing my mouth.  I also was using Musinex D which helped with my allergies (stuffy nose) and helped with the mouth mucus and the dry cough that many get, which I got.  Better to cough up the mucus and spit it out.  Also made myself a spit cup and spit out gunk whenever I could.  All the while still working on swallowing as often as possible to strengthen the muscles.  Read the main thread at the very top of this board and past posts for a ton of information. By now, I was able to introduce mushy solids.  Try your Cream of Wheat, cream soups, Cream of Chicken was a good one, anything you can come up with that is creamy and make sure to thin everything out (adding a little more water, milk,or oil helps). Try what you can, if it doesn't work doesn't mean it won't in a week or two.  Stay positive and keep taking it One Day at a Time.  

    3rd Month:  What a difference.  Mucus is gone.  Mouth sores disappear and mouth feels so much better.  Boy, could I try more things and expand my diet.  Feeling stronger, more myself and seeing a distant light at the end of the tunnel. A turning point in my recovery. Tube is gone but still drinking small protein shakes with each meal.  Received my first NED ( no evidence of disease) and celebrated with my first dinner out. Was wonderful re-entering the world of social dining again!  Starting Month 4 next week.  Life is good.  It sucks I know but try and keep as positive as possible.  Get a little silly and try and laugh, turn up the music and dance it off by yourself if you start to feel blue, color, read, watch favorite tv or movies, keep your mind occupied. Where here for support, to help answer questions, and to vent if needed.  This is a fantastic board of Survivors !

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    Thank you so much for the

    Thank you so much for the kind words and tips. Still trying to take sips throughout the day but the mucous is my enemy right now. I would be lost without this site!

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    Venting is good.

    Also congrats on finishing. Mucus can be really bad. Water will thin it, and milk and dairy will make it thicker. It will slowly get better.


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    One day at a time for Now

    this is the place to vent as we have all been down this road...my first month I focused on getting up out of bed (was just wiped out), eating, taking my medicine, eating some more, walking to the end of the driveway and then eating even more. Then it was time for a nap and it was still only early morning!!! Focus on getting through today, then getting through the week and before you know it...it will be a month! Each of us are unique and our bodies recover a little different but continue to focus on small obtainable goals each day and you will get there! It will get better and you have made it through the the toughest part...that first month it took every once of energy I had for me to make it to the end of my 100 foot driveway and back...now I'm training for my second half marathon which I will run in December! There is life after what we have gone through and what you are going through...although at this exact moment it may seem so far away...you will get there!