Radiation aftereffects

Craig_Griffin Member Posts: 52

I began Radiation Oncology during the summer of 2008 and was instructed to cover up from the sun. On my exit interview that aspect was missed due to more major considerations such as if my taste, salivary glands or hair would return.

Years later I avoided the sun but this week I began cryogenic treatment for Actinic Keratosis, which might be skin cancer. The spot is about 8mm in diameter. This is not bad considering that I had stage 4 throat cancer before this. I have had many aftereffects from previous cancer treatment, but will be positive and not mention them, just my current skin condition.

I have had 8 different spots appear on my face or forehead. I was able to remove most of them, and used frankincense and myrr to heal them and to reduce how bad they look. They are under control and are barely noticeable.

My primary care physician treated one near my temple, but said the other spots “were OK”. I am awaiting blood test results for a combo of PSA (for prostate cancer) and other results. The Keratosis spot will need more treatment; it has turned  very dark and has not reduced in size.

My questions:
1. Does anyone have experience with head and neck radiation that knows if we are to stay covered from the sun for the rest of our lives (Due to the radiation  that we had)?

2. I am beginning to study my current skin condition. Aside from good diet and common sense are there any other ointments or suggestions that might help prevent these spots?